Student-Run Branch: Patriot Pride

Patriot PrideHey AHS students! Get Rewarded!

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About Patriot Pride

  • Formed as an educational partnership between Albemarle County Public Schools and UVA Community Credit Union in 2010
  • Effort to help students learn practical money skills for their future
  • Supports required Economics & Personal Finance course for graduation
  • Branch is staffed and run by Albemarle High School students with credit union oversight
  • Serves exclusively the students, faculty and staff of Albemarle High School

Branch Location/Hours of Operation

  • Located in Albemarle High School just outside the cafeteria
  • For the 2017 Fall Semester (starting after Labor Day), the branch hours are:
    Tuesdays – 10:40 am to 12:45 pm
    Thursdays – 11:55 pm to 1:50 pm

Account Access

Accounts opened at Patriot Pride can also be accessed through any of the following channels:

Students that already have accounts with UVA Community Credit Union can assess their accounts at the Patriot Pride branch.

Services Available at Patriot Pride

Transactional services such as deposits, balance inquiries, and cash withdrawals can be made at the Patriot Pride branch.

In addition, the following products can be established at our Patriot Pride location, including:

  • Savings Accounts - a great way for students to establish good financial habits. A great way to save for prom, a car, college, or unexpected expenses.
  • Checking Accounts - students learn how to manage their money in a safe, learning environment before they are on their own, when mistakes can really cost.
  • Debit Cards – students can learn the proper use of debit cards and how to track their transactions and manage their money, establishing sound financial habits that can help them as they become more independent.
  • Certificates – a great alternative savings product for students looking to earn interest for longer term financial goals.

Financial Education

We offer a wide variety of financial education brochures and booklets, and of course one-on-one guidance at the Patriot Pride branch. Students can also take advantage of our It’s a Money Thing online financial education programs.

What's needed to open an account at Patriot Pride?

Students 14 and over may open a savings account. Students under 14 may open a savings with a parent/guardian’s signature.
Students under 18 wishing to open a checking account will need a parent/guardian's signature.

To open an account all account holders should bring:

  1. Photo ID - DMV ID/driver's license or current student ID card*
  2. Social Security Card
  3. $10 Deposit - $5 to open a savings account and $5 to establish a checking account if desired.**

How can a student apply to work at the Patriot Pride branch?

The high school guidance department announces job vacancies. This usually occurs every spring for new hires for the following school year. Students who are hired through this process are trained and may have the opportunity to work at one of the credit union's branches during the summer and/or other school breaks.

*     If using a student ID without a printed address on it, bring in a current utility bill with your home address for verification.
**   The one-time membership fee is waived for students and school employees opening accounts at this branch.

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