Optimal Browser Settings for Firefox

Optimal Browser Settings for Mozilla® Firefox® Running on Microsoft® Windows®

Each time you log in to our web site, it evaluates whether you are using the same computer and browser you registered with us. Our site looks for our cookies (electronic markers) in your computer’s memory; if it doesn’t find them, we ask you to identify yourself again by providing a code that you receive by email or text. After your computer is registered, you shouldn’t need to provide a code again for that computer using that browser. (Note: Each time you use a public computer, you must provide a code as a security measure.)

On rare occasions, people cannot log in without registering their computer each time – even after they have registered it already. This may mean that their computer’s browser is clearing our cookies, so our web site cannot recognize the computer. If you are experiencing this, try changing the settings on your computer. Here’s how:

Set your computer to keep all web site cookies

  1. Browse to our web site. Do not log in.
  2. At the top of the browser, click Tools > Options.
  3. On the Options window, click Privacy.
  4. In the History section, select Firefox will: Use custom settings for history.
  5. Make sure the check box for Accept cookies from sites is selected.
  6. Make sure the check box for Accept third-party cookies is selected. It is acceptable for other check boxes to be selected, as well.
  7. Make sure that Keep until they expire is selected in the Keep until setting.
  8. Click Exceptions.
  9. Verify that our web site is NOT listed on the Exceptions-Cookies window. If it is, select it then click Remove Site.
  10. Click Close.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Log in to our web site, selecting Register computer for future use when prompted. Supply the text or email code as soon as you receive it.

The next time you log in, you should not need a code.

Thank you for your patience in performing these steps. Please contact us if you have questions.

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