Optimal Browser Settings for Safari 6

Optimal Browser Settings for Apple® Safari® 6.1 on Mac OS

Each time you log in to our website, it evaluates whether you are using the same computer and browser you registered with us. Our site looks for our cookies (electronic markers) in your computer’s memory; if it doesn’t find them, we ask you to identify yourself again by providing a code that you receive by email or text. After your computer is registered, you shouldn’t need to provide a code again for that computer using that browser. (Note: Each time you use a public computer, you must provide a code as a security measure.)

On rare occasions, people cannot log in without registering their computer each time – even after they have registered it already. This may mean that their computer’s browser is clearing our cookies, and our website cannot recognize the computer. If you are experiencing this, try changing the settings in your browser. Here’s how:

Safari 6.1 is only available on Mac OS®. The steps below are for MAC OS version 10.7.x

Set your browser to keep some or all website cookies

  1. Browse to our website in Safari.
  2. In the left corner of the toolbar, click Safari to display a menu.
  3. Click Preferences to display the Preferences box.
  4. Click Privacy to display that tab.
  5. Do not click Remove All Website Data.
  6. For Block cookies, make sure that Always is not selected. Select either of the other choices. (If From third parties and advertisers was previously selected and Safari still deleted our cookies, try changing this selection to Never.)
  7. Click the close button to save your settings and exit the Preferences box.

The second time you log in after this, you should not need to provide a code.

Thank you for your patience in performing these steps. Please contact us if you have questions.

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