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Payday Alternative Loan and Savings Program

UVA Community Credit Union's Payday Alternative Loan & Savings (PALS) program dramatically lowers the cost of borrowing, while helping you build your savings balance. Despite good intentions and careful budgeting, it is sometimes difficult to make ends meet from one paycheck to the next. When this happens, a short-term loan to bridge the gap can really make a difference.
Whether you're stuck in the payday loan cycle or facing an unexpected expense, our PALS Program can help. It even encourages incremental savings so you don't have to continue to borrow before pay day.

  • Borrow up to $500 for a 30-day term*
  • Benefit from a competitive 18 percent annual percentage rate (APR)*
  • Pay no fees
  • Five percent of your loan proceeds are automatically deposited into your share savings account
  • To qualify, you must have direct deposit and be a credit union member for at least six months

To apply for a PALS loan call 434-964-2001 and speak to a call center representative. This is a 30-day term loan.

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*Payment example: 30 day term payments at 18% APR are $507.40 per $500 borrowed

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