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Person to Person Transfers

Send money to another person without their account information using Person to Person Transfer. All you need is their email address or SMS number. Now, you can split the lunch bill, pay the tennis instructor, or send cash to your college student (money transfer takes 3 to 5 days). See our Personal Fee Schedule and click on the second tab: Personal Online Banking Fee Schedule for fees that apply.

For people you've already added:

  1. After logging into Online Banking, select "Transactions" on the left navigation bar, then "Person to Person."
  2. Read the terms and conditions and click accept to continue. A new window will open.
  3. Choose the account you wish to withdraw funds from and select the person you wish to receive the funds. 
  4. Enter the amount and click continue. 
  5. Confirm the details of your transfer or click "Edit" if you need to alter any information.

To add a person:

  1. On the left navigation bar, select Transactions, then Person to Person. A new window will open.
  2. Enter the name and the email address or phone number of the person you wish to receive the funds. Click continue.
  3. If you have the person's account information (routing and account number) select "I have account information" then enter it in the field below. If not, select "I do not have account information". Cilck Continue.
  4. Read the details and confirm they are correct. Click "Confirm" to add the new person.


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