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Wire Transfer Sending and Receiving Instructions

Sending Instructions

You will need to provide us with the wiring instructions for the receiving financial institution and the account information (name and account number) of the beneficiary. The complete address of the receiving financial institution and the complete address of the beneficiary are also required.

You can initiate a domestic wire by phone if the amount is under $5,000 and the account holder of the sending and receiving accounts are the same person. Otherwise, please stop by any of our branches to send a wire. If you are unable to visit any of our branch locations you may also mail a signed letter outlining your transfer request along with wire instructions to the address below*. This document must contain your original notarized signature. No copies will be accepted. Wire transfer requests received via fax or e-mail will also not be processed.

University of Virginia Community Credit Union
Attn:  Wire Transfer Department
3300 Berkmar Drive
Charlottesville VA  22901

*Written requests are permissible for domestic wire transactions only. Requests for international wire transfers must be made in person at any or our branches.

A member of the credit union's wire transfer department will contact you by telephone to independently verify all wire requests for amounts over $5,000 USD.  This is a required step and must be completed before your wire transfer will be processed.  A member of the wire transfer department will also contact you in the event that there is a problem with your request such as incomplete or incorrect beneficiary information, insufficient collected funds, etc.

Our cutoff times for same day processing are 11:00 a.m. (M-F) for international wires and 4:00 p.m. (M-F) for domestic wires.  Wires requested after these times will be placed the following business day.

The credit union cannot provide a guarantee as to how long it will take the receiving financial institution to receive the funds.

Please see our fee schedule for the current charges for outgoing domestic and international wires.

Receiving Instructions

Give the following instructions to the institution initiating the wire:

Wire to:

UVA Community Credit Union
3300 Berkmar Drive
Charlottesville VA 22901
ABA# 251480181


Your name and account number
Followed by -80 for checking or -00 for savings)


UCU130W, 1/14

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