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Managing Your Credit Card

Managing Your Card

Credit Card

Access Your Card through Online Banking

Card holders can access their UVA Community Credit Union Credit Card information anytime. Simply login to Online Banking, then tap your Credit Card from the list of accounts.


Mobile Phone with Automatic Payment Icon

Pay Your Bill Automatically

Make it easy! You can pay your bill automatically from your member account and choose your payment type:

  • Minimum payment due
  • Flat amount
  • Percentage of outstanding balance
  • Balance in Full


  • Your minimum payment is 2% of the total new balance or $25, whichever is greater
  • There is a 25-day, no-interest grace period on transactions
Alert Icon

Set Up Account Alerts

Setup Account, History, or Online Transaction Alerts to help keep your spending on track and protect you from fraud.

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Visa® Security

Always know that your card is secure.

Visa Purchase Alerts allow you to stay informed on your Visa Credit Card purchases and transactions, completely free. You can set up your desired alerts to be delivered via email or text based on: 

  • The amount of the transaction
  • Location (purchases made outside of the US)
  • Method of transaction (phone or online)

Visa Zero Liability Policy ensures you won't be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your card or account information.

Shop online and simplify online payments with Visa Checkout.


Ice Cube

Protect Your Card Against Fraud

Freeze or Unfreeze Your Credit

Reach out to the three credit bureaus if you are concerned about identify theft or someone gaining access to your card. 

Report Your Card Lost or Stolen

Cash Icon

Cash Advances

Get a cash advance, with no minimum finance charge, at the same low rate you have for credit card purchases. You can do this by visiting a branch, and ATM, or in Online Banking.


EMV Chip Icon

EMV Chip Cards

All of our credit cards come with built-in chip (EMV) technology adding security to your card and reducing in-store fraud.

Lock Icon


When potential fraud is detected on your card you will receive immediate fraud protection alerts with SecurLOCK Communicate. Free real-time alerts can be set up as two-way SMS text for quicker fraud identification and prevention, as well as interactive voice, and email fraud notifications if no response is received by text or phone calls.


Mobile Phone

Digital Wallet

Securely store your UVA Community Credit Union card details to make purchases at a store with your mobile phone, tablet, or smartwatch, or online with your computer or other device. 


Credit Card with Dollar Sign

Balance Transfer

A balance transfer provides the opportunity to transfer higher-interest debt from another credit card to your UVA Community Credit Union Credit Card.


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