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PVCC Campus Branch

About the PVCC Campus Branch

  • An educational partnership between Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) and UVA Community Credit Union formed in 2014
  • To help students learn practical money skills for their future and gain real-life experience and insight into banking industry careers
  • Branch can be used as a tool for classes to apply concepts to an actual business
  • Staffed and run by PVCC students with credit union oversight
  • Serves exclusively the students, faculty and staff of PVCC

Branch Location/Hours of Operation

  • Located in the Main Building, Room M600, around the corner from the Bookstore
  • For the 2019 Fall Semester, the branch hours are:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 11 am - 2 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 2 - 5 pm

ATM Location/Hours of Operation

  • On Campus ATM
  • ATM located in the foyer of the south entrance of the Main Building
  • ATM is available during normal building hours of operation only
  • Students may use their Refund2Card surcharge free at our ATMS at the PVCC, East Jefferson and Pantops Branches

Account Access

Accounts opened at the PVCC Campus Branch can also be accessed through any of the following channels:

PVCC students, Alumni, faculty and staff that already have accounts with the credit union are welcome to use the PVCC on campus branch.

Services Available at the PVCC Campus Branch

Transactional services such as deposits, balance inquiries, and cash withdrawals can be made at the branch. In addition, the following products and services can be established:

  • Savings Accounts - a great way to establish good financial habits. Save for tuition and books, a new car, or other unexpected expenses.
  • Checking Accounts - manage your money in a safe, learning environment with the guidance of our trained PVCC student financial services representatives.
  • Debit Cards – convenient and secure worldwide access to your account. In addition to ATM withdrawals you can make everyday purchases in person, online, or by phone without carrying cash.
  • Certificates – another savings option for students looking to earn interest for longer term financial goals.
  • Credit Cards and Loan Applications– sometimes it’s not possible to pay cash for a large unexpected purchase and we offer low rate credit cards and loan products that can help. No credit history? Ask us about our share secured products that can help you to establish a credit history and build your credit score.

Financial Education

We offer a wide variety of financial education brochures and booklets, and of course one-on-one guidance at the PVCC Campus branch. Students can also take advantage of our It’s a Money Thing online financial education programs.

What’s needed to open an account at the PVCC Campus Branch?

1. Government Issued Photo ID – i.e., DMV ID/driver’s license or Passport

2. Proof of Social Security Number

3. $10 Deposit - $5 to open a savings account and $5 to establish a checking account

4. Students under 18 opening a checking account will need a parent/guardian’s signature

Work at the PVCC Campus Branch

PVCC students interested in working at the campus branch or at our other Credit Union branches should contact PVCC’s Office of Career Services in the Main Building, Room M128 or online.


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