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Local High School Scholarship Program

We’re pleased to announce our 2018-2019 High School Scholarships winners!

We thank all of the students that took the time to submit short essays to answer this year’s essay question:

Name a money habit you want to create and a money habit you want to break. How do you plan on putting these habits into action?"

Each of the following students will be awarded with a $1,500 scholarship to be applied to their tuition expenses for either a two or four-year undergraduate degree in the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year.

The Credit Union’s 2019-2020 High School Scholarship Program will be announced on our website this coming August. Please check back for details.


Brett M.
High School: Rappahannock County
College: Mount St. Mary's University
Planned Major: Elementary Education

"The earlier I save and invest, the better my financial future will look."
Allison T.
High School: Orange County
College: Piedmont Community College
Planned Major: Radiology/Nursing

"…I am determined to complete my education, learn to manage my money, and plan for my future."
Hannah C.
High School: Nelson County
College: Radford University
Planned Major: Fashion and Interior Design

"I want (to spend money on) many things, but my education is definitely first."
Tysia L.
High School: Monticello
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Planned Major: Mass Communications

"I want to spend money efficiently and smartly to help achieve my biggest goals in life…"
Desraeli M.
High School: William Monroe
College: Virginia Tech
Planned Major: Biology/Wildlife Conservation/Pre Vet

"By working as much as I can, I can bring in some extra money and create the habit of working hard to save up."
Zachary M.
High School: Madison County
College: Liberty University
Planned Major: Sports Management

"…gaining control of your money at a young age can help pave the pathway to a successful future."
Sierra H.
High School: Liberty
College: University of Mary Washington
Planned Major: Elementary Education

"I would like to grow my savings, so I am going to pay myself first."
Christopher M.
High School: Kettle Run
College: George Mason University
Planned Major: Economics

"When making purchases, no matter how small, it is always good practice to do research on the product in question."
Alice C.
High School: Fauquier
College: Brigham Young University
Planned Major: Undecided

"By forgoing a few fast food meals, I can afford to take a small trip or go out with friends."
Deshawn L.
High School: Culpeper County
College: James Madison University
Planned Major: International Business

"My family, most notably my grandfather, has taught me the difference between needs vs. wants."
Morgan T.
High School: Eastern View
College: Eastern Mennonite University
Planned Major: Nursing

"I want to break the habit of wanting to buy things right away, and I want to create a habit of saving money."
Weedor K.
High School: Charlottesville
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Nursing

"A money habit I would like to create is budgeting."
Jesse D.
High School: Albemarle
College: Georgia Institute of Technology
Planned Major: Computer Science

"Money is a valuable and scarce resource, so making sure I know where my money is going should be very important."
Syerra M.
High School: Fluvanna County
College: University of Virginia
Planned Major: Biology

"Building up my savings account would be the first step to developing a college fund and ensure that I use what I have left responsibly…"
Megan H.
High School: Louisa County
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Biology

"Budgeting is essential to consistently meeting financial goals."
Henry T.
High School: Western Albemarle
College: Virginia Tech or Old Dominion
Planned Major: Engineering

"On my balance sheets I track all of the purchases I make each month, and all the money I earn."
Alex A.
High School: Murray
College: Sweet Briar College
Planned Major: Pre Vet

"A money habit I want to create is becoming better at saving money for my future."
Mariah P.
High School: St. Anne's-Belfield School
College: Christopher Newport University
Planned Major: Psychology

"I plan on creating a budget for myself, keeping track of how much expenses are, how much I want to use for fun, and using the rest to save."

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