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High School Scholarship Program

UVA Community Credit Union is committed to our community. Through education, outreach, our student run branches, and $25,500 in scholarships to 17 graduating seniors in our field of membership, we continue to support those who live, work, and go to school in our area. Congratulations to the award winners of our scholarship. Not only were they judged on their grades and need, we also asked them to answer the following question. “What are some common missteps people make when managing their money? Learning from these lessons, explain how you will avoid these mistakes.”

Read the press release about our 2017 scholarship winners.

The scholarship program is closed for this year, but make sure to tell next year’s seniors to apply in the spring of 2018. Congratulations again to our winners!


Emily D.
High School: Albemarle
College: Undecided
"If you create a budget that allows you to live below your means, it is not only easier to save and earn interest, but it also creates buffer space for surprise expenses and emergencies."
Jasmine H.
High School: Charlottesville
College: George Mason University
"Creating a savings plan will eliminate the need to live paycheck-to-paycheck. I plan to put at least 10 percent of each paycheck into my savings account, which will create an emergency fund for unforeseen financial emergencies."
Clint B.
High School: Culpeper
College: Hampden-Sydney
"My plan of attack through college is to make sure, as best as I am able, to protect my investments and goals, so that I may care for my family as much as they have for me."
Kaden W.
High School: Eastern View
College: Christopher Newport University
"The most important way to manage money is to not live outside of your means. If you create a budget and stick to it, you are less likely to buy things you cannot afford, and your budget should always include building your savings."
Harrison P.
High School: Fauquier
College: James Madison University
"The most common, yet easily fixable, mistake made by people today is forgetting to pay themselves first."
Julianne B.
High School: Fluvanna
College: Liberty University
"When it comes to money management, American's are not the best. They try to spend much more than what they have, not saving for the future and/or emergencies. We as Americans need to do some work, starting with planning."
Nathan H.
High School: Kettle Run
College: UVA or VT
"Why do people with the same means often end up with very different [financial] results? This questions involves many variables, but one major factor is that some people struggle with basic money management skills."
Rameen S.
High School: Liberty
College: University of Mary Washington
"People usually have a rough idea of where their money goes. However, this is not a practical strategy. Guessing where your money might be going can lead to overspending."
Russell B.
High School: Louisa County
College: Liberty University or PVCC then Liberty University
"By planning a budget, sticking to it and using banking options, like direct deposit and savings, I will be able to avoid the common missteps people make when managing their money."
Sierra S.
High School: Madison County
College: Undecided
"When it comes to my parents’ money, I often would buy things more spontaneously. Whereas, with my own money, I would be too scared to spend it because I might need something in the future."
Shemya K.
High School: Monticello
College: UVA
"How can I avoid making financial mistakes? The answer is one word, budget…. Do I understand why budgeting is important now? Yes. Some people say money is the root of all evil. It is not. It is my door to a good education."
Kira N.
High School: Murray
College: VCU
"Attending a Virginia Community college for the initial two years, guarantees acceptance into many in-state schools. This plan would cut down on tuition costs and lower student loans, making a degree more accessible."
Chelsey Paige C.
High School: Nelson
College: PVCC then Lynchburg College
"It can be very easy to swipe a card and spend money without any effort at all. What people do not realize is how long it took to make [that money] and how long it will take to replace it."
Tamara S.
High School: Orange County
College: Undecided
"Student loans can be crippling. I am avoiding overwhelming student loans by being very conscious of education costs."
John R.
High School: Rappahannock County
College: Virginia Military Institute
"A stable and healthy lifestyle cannot be maintained if one is living beyond his means and not saving in preparation for retirement."
Christian T.
High School: Western Albemarle
College: Longwood University
"I have learned that careful planning is vital for success. I want to focus on my goals, take stock of my available resources, and create a plan to make them happen."
Lindsay S.
High School: William Monroe (Greene)
College: Christopher Newport University
"I have learned a lot from my experience as a bank teller this year. It has taught me about how to be responsible and organized with money, and it has showed me how people get in trouble financially by not being careful."






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