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Local High School Scholarship Program

2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

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Each year the Credit Union awards eighteen scholarships of $1,500 each (a total of $27,000) to area High School Seniors to help them reach their goals through higher education. Students are asked to submit a short essay offering insight into their financial habits. Check back this fall for information on our 2021-2022 Scholarship Program.

Thanks to all of the students that took the time to answer this year's question: “The COVID pandemic has created financial stress for many. What is the most important thing you will do in the future to ensure your finances are ready for anything?”

The answers we received were perceptive and highlighted these student's great insight.

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Vinny T.

High School: Albemarle
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Computer Science

“This has led me to start my own clothing brand and I have already sold several sweaters all across the country!”

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Corey M.

High School: Charlottesville
College: Piedmont Virginia Community college
Planned Major: Undecided

“I can create good habits now that can carry on when I'm older and have more responsibilities.”

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Kyle M.

High School: Culpeper County
College: Old Dominion University
Planned Major: Exercise Science

“I found that getting advice from older, more experienced family and friends was the best way to find out what I can do...”

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Jamil A.

High School: Eastern View 
College: University of Virginia
Planned Major: Criminal Justice

“The pandemic has taught me how much money we waste on things that are just not important.”

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Zachary N.

High School: Fauquier County
College: James Madison University
Planned Major: Engineering

“Most of my strategies fall under one simple code: prepare. I plan to put away at least 6 months' salary and invest into a 401K each year.”

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Skylar S.

High School: Fluvanna County
College: Notre Dame
Planned Major: Business Marketing

“The most important thing I will do to ensure I am financially stable is to only live the lifestyle I can afford, and live within my means.”

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Connor W.

High School: Kettle Run 
College: Ferrum College
Planned Major: Cybersecurity

“I see friends who spend all of their paycheck as soon as they get it. This has shown me why you should always have money saved.”

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Elizabeth O.

High School: Liberty
College: William and Mary
Planned Major: International Relations

“My parents have always stressed the importance of living below your means. A budget guarantees this...”

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Rachel C.

High School: Louisa County
College: James Madison University 
Planned Major: Nursing

“I will work consistently to build my savings before I make any life changing decisions... so I don't jump into something I'm not ready for.”

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Maya P.

High School: Madison County
College: Germanna Community College
Planned Major: Legal Assitant Certificate

“I will protect my finances from another crisis with a savings account... to help support me if I don't have a steady income.”

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Benjamin G.

High School: Monticello
College: James Madison University 
Planned Major: Business

“I was amazed at the amount of money I was saving by sticking to my budget... I was able to start an emergency fund for financial security.”

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Mary-Brenna S.

High School: Nelson County
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Planned Major: Psychology

“When you're in your early twenties, many people don't consider the consequences of not saving immediately.”

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Trenton M.

High School: Orange County
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Planned Major: Biology

“If there was one thing this year has taught me, it would be to SAVE!”

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Jenna R.

High School: Rappahannock County
College: Lord Fairfax Community College
Planned Major: Emergency Medical Services

“Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Have more than one plan to carry you financially.”

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Kelly P.

High School: Western Albemarle
College: University of Virginia
Planned Major: Engineering

“I think it's important to give back... I want to be in a stable enough financial situation to contribute when someone needs help.”

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Laith Z.

High School: William Monroe
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Business

“A lot of kids want to spend now, I would much rather save and then make millions off of it when I'm 60.”

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Rowan T.

High School: Murray (Lab School)
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Planned Major: Art

“Both my parents were raised frugally, so naturally they taught me to be the same way.”

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Paige P.

High School: Homeschool
College: University of Virginia
Planned Major: English

“A monetary mantra I take literally is saving more than I spend. This habit allows me to be an advocate for change by giving...”

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