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Local High School Scholarship Program

We are almost ready to announce our 2020 - 2021 Scholarship Award Recipients! 

Until our new recipients are announced, get to know a little bit about last year's winners. 

Each year the Credit Union awards eighteen scholarships of $1,500 each (a total of $27,000) to area High School Seniors to help them reach their goals through higher education. Students are asked to submit a short essay offering insight into their financial habits. Check back this fall for information on our 2020-2021 Scholarship.  

Thanks to all of the students that took the time to answer this year's question: “Share with us the best thing you have ever done with your money and explain why it was important to you?”

The answers we received were perceptive and highlighted excellent savings habits. Congratulations to our winners: 

Photo Caption: 2020 UVA Community Credit Union scholarship recipients (top row from L to R): Alloire Thomas, Andrea Espinosa-Dominquez, Halila Foaud, Tamea Thrift, Casandra Nelson, William Jones III, Anne Hunter, Edwin Campos (bottom row from L to R): Darren Gray , Kariman Eitta, Gabriela Arvizu, Makenna Ritenour, Logan Woodward, Carrington Harris, and Whitney Flores. Not pictured: Dorian Baskfield, and Kaitlyn M. Campbell.

Logan Woodward
High School: Rappahannock County
College: Northern Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Veterinary Science

“In this enormous world, money is just a tiny part of it. You can determine how far it can take you and how you can use it to help others.”
Makenna Ritenour
High School: Orange County
College: Roanoke College
Planned Major: Biochemistry

“I have been weighed down by various responsibilities my entire life, but they paid off and now I can go wherever my heart desires.”
Kaitlyn M. Campbell
High School: Nelson County
College: Sweet Briar College
Planned Major: Engineering

“The many hours I had put in, the extra shifts, the late nights doing homework after work finally paid off…My car matches my personality.”
Kariman Eitta
High School: Monticello
College: University of Virginia
Planned Major: Public Health

“…the best thing I have ever done would have to be creating a spending plan and budget for each week.”
Carrington Harris
High School: William Monroe
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Nursing

“I learned the difference between wants and needs when it came to spending my own money.”
Darren Gray
High School: Madison County
College: Liberty University
Planned Major: Public Health

“While many purchases are done with very little thought, others weigh on us and drive us to think and reflect on them for years.”
Edwin Campos
High School:
College: Radford University
Planned Major: Computer Science

“I see (saving money) like a ‘plan for the future’ because you never know what you might need the money for.”
Anne Hunter
High School:
Kettle Run
College: Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Planned Major: Marketing

"The gift was very important to me because I wanted to show my brother how much I loved him before he went off to college."
Cassandra Nelson
High School: Fauquier
College: Christopher Newport University
Planned Major: Writing

“I worked the last two summers at a local farm…rescuing my parents’ anniversary clock from disrepair.”
Halila Foaud
High School: Culpeper County
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Planned Major: Nursing

"The most pleasing thing I have ever done with my money wasn’t for me, but for my grandma."
Tamea Thrift
High School: Eastern View
College: Clark Atlanta University
Planned Major: Business

“My mom helps out everyone else and doesn’t get to take too much time to herself, so helping her out was a must for me.”
Andrea Espinosa-Dominguez
High School: Charlottesville
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Business

"I believe the best thing I have ever done with my money was to buy my father his favorite watch."
Alloire Thomas
High School: Albemarle
College: Howard University
Planned Major: Business

"Starting my own business was the best thing I ever did with my money because I grew as an individual and an entrepreneur."
William Jones III
High School: Fluvanna County
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Business

“It is often much more fulfilling to make someone else happy than to buy something for oneself.”
Dorian Baskfield
High School: Louisa County
College: Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Planned Major: Undecided

“When I see other kids blowing all their money…(it) reminds me that I still have to save mine for a reason.”
Elizabeth C. Jahoda-Wassung
High School: Western Albemarle
College: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Planned Major: Undecided

“By my junior year, I had finally saved enough money to buy myself a car.”
Gabriela Arvizu
High School: Murray
College: Cleveland Institute of Art
Planned Major: Art

“There’s just something so rewarding to be able to buy something you want and it helps get you closer to your dream career.”
Whitney Flores
High School: Homeschool
College: Christopher Newport University
Planned Major: English

“Mobility is something we take for granted…Everything is different, now that I can walk again.”

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